17 March

Start a small business in the UAE in six simple steps

Looking to start a small business in Dubai/the UAE? We’re here to help.

17 March

Why its smart to set up in Fujairah Creative City (INFOGRAPHIC)

In our latest infographic we look at the main reasons you should set up your company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

10 March

Start your consulting business in Dubai and the UAE?

Want to start a consulting business in Dubai and the UAE? We’ll take care of every step of your application process for you.

10 March

Married to your business partner? 5 ways to manage your work/life balance

The growing number of successful startups founded by married couples shows you that your business can thrive when you work with your other half. Just look at the success of EventBrite, SlideShare, and Clif Bar & Company. Nevertheless, if you're looking to follow the trend, then managing your work/life balance is the key to creating a success of your relationship and business.

20 February

How can you choose the right business partner for success?

You can't choose your family. But you can carefully pick your business partner – a decision that can give you the edge needed for short-term startup growth and long-term exit plans.

17 February

UAE Mainland Coworking License: 2019 Guide

Apply for your UAE mainland coworking license with us. We’ll take care of every step of the process

17 February

How to get your UAE trade license in 2019

Looking to get a UAE trade license in 2019? We can help. We’ll manage every step of your application on your behalf.

17 January

Joining Forces: Why Setting-up your Company in Creative City Fujairah Boosts Collaboration & Growth

Collaborating with other businesses and professionals in the UAE, by setting-up your venture within a cutting-edge business hub such as Creative City Fujairah Free Zone, has the unique potential to save your business money, create progressive contacts, and accelerate growth.

10 January

How to Get Your Event Management License in Dubai & the UAE

The UAE, and in particular Dubai, is one of the event capitals of the world. Events are a huge business here. So much so that Dubai World Trade Centre events and exhibitions alone are estimated to contribute some USD 3.3bn to the economy.